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How to make a Rabbit foot key-chain

This is the process that we used to make our rabbit foot key-chains.

You can also see the video version of this How-To here: How to make a rabbit foot key chain

Items needed: (affiliate links below)

Rabbit feet

70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)    Get It Here

Borax    Get It Here


Jar/container    Get It Here

Bells or end caps   Get It Here

Key chain attachment or ball chain   Get It Here

Epoxy   Get It Here

Pliers   Get It Here

Find rabbit feet: We have meat rabbits that we also use for rabbit foot key-chains and fur. Cut the feet to the desired length. I keep mine as long as I can, cutting them as close to the joint as possible. We used a pruning sheers to cut the feet.


Rabbit feet cut to desired length

Wash feet: Wash the feet with warm water and dish soap. Repeat the process 2 or 3 times until they are clean. Rinse well after washing.

First soak: Find a jar and some 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Put all of the feet into the jar and add the rubbing alcohol until the feet are completely covered. Keep the feet in this soak for 48 hours.

Feet soaking in alcohol

Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the feet with water until all of the alcohol is removed. Squeeze the water out of the feet as much as you can.

Second soak: If you have a second jar, you can save the alcohol for the next time that you process feet. Otherwise, rinse the alcohol out the jar, put the feet into the jar, and add water and borax. The amount of borax will depend on how many feet you are processing. Dissolve as much of the borax in the water as you can (the borax may not all dissolve and that is ok). Keep the feet in this solution for 24 hours.

Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the feet again with water making sure to remove all of the borax. Squeeze out any excess water.

Dry the feet: I hung my feet to dry them but I have also seen people use a cooling rack from the kitchen. Dry the feet for 24-48 hours.

Feet hanging to dry

Prep the bells: Take pliers and open the jingle bells to remove the little ball that is inside. Pry open all of the sides of the bell so that the rabbit foot can slide into the bell. End caps can also be purchased in different designs if you choose.

Bells pried open and little ball removed

Attaching the ball chain: At the top of the bell there is a little hole to attach the ball chain or key ring. I attached my ball chains before adding the epoxy to make sure that the opening did not get closed up by the epoxy.

Epoxy: I made sure that all of my feet would fit into the bell before adding the epoxy. Add a small amount of epoxy in the bell where the foot will go. Push the foot as far into the bell as possible. Let the epoxy dry for as long as the packaging recommends.

Making sure the feet would fit into the bell before adding epoxy

Pinch closed: Finish your feet by closing the bell with your pliers so the bell sides squeeze tight against the foot.

Finished key-chains

To watch a video on this process click on the link Happy Hills Homestead Rabbit foot key chain