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Projects and How-Tos

I really enjoy sharing the projects we are working on around the homestead. I also love to share the knowledge and skills I aquire through our homestead journey. Below you will find posts about current and past projects we are working on. I will also provide how-to entries with step by step instructions. If you see something in a project post you would like to know how to do, please leave a comment or Contact Us and I will try to write something up.




Dealing with predator birds on the property

There are always unexpected challenges on the homestead. This winter, a great horned owl decided that it wanted to take up residence in and around our chicken coop. For about a week, everyday when we would need to go the chicken coop for chores, the owl was perched on a post that is located next…

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How to make a Rabbit foot key-chain

This is the process that we used to make our rabbit foot key-chains. You can also see the video version of this How-To here: How to make a rabbit foot key chain Items needed: (affiliate links below) Rabbit feet 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)    Get It Here Borax    Get It Here Water Jar/container  …

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Rabbit Nesting Boxes How-To

When our first doe was bred we had to think about a nesting box for her. After checking out our local farm supply stores and pricing through the internet, we decided to build our own. The cost savings was substantial enough, especially with our herd expansion plans, and building one did not seem that difficult. …

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