Entry 1- How Baby Walter came into our lives

This is the true story of my life with big dogs. This blog was all inspired by my 3rd dog, Baby Walter. He is my first St. Bernard and I am documenting his life with

This is the true story of my life with big dogs. This blog was all inspired by my 3rd dog, Baby Walter. He is my first St. Bernard and I am documenting his life with us. I started sharing his story in facebook groups and an Instagram account that we started for him and there are so many people that have taken an interest in him and his daily activities it seemed to make sense to focus my energy in one place instead of multiple groups. This entry, being the first one, is about how Baby Walter came into our lives in the first place.

Our 6-year-old German Shepherd, Ruger or “Little Dog” as we called him, had health problems that we were not able to keep under control. Knowing that we were going to have to put him down for months before we finally broke down and did it, we starting doing our research on breeds other than German Shepherds. Little Dog was our 2nd German Shepherd, we also have Remington who is now 10-years old and he was our 1st German Shepherd and 1st dog together as a couple. Both of us are big dog lovers so we knew we were going to get another large or giant breed dog. After lots of research we landed on the St. Bernard. We could not be happier with our decision!

Ruger “Little Dog” as a puppy
Ruger fully grown

Next step was finding a breeder. As always, we try to buy as local as possible so we wanted to find a reputable breeder as close to home as we could. Can you imagine that there was one within 20 miles! We were so excited that we found someone so close. Shortly after putting down our deposit on a puppy the breeder contacted us letting us know that we would not be getting a puppy because the pregnancy did not take. They apologized repeatedly and we were very understanding. We know that there is nothing that can be done about from breeding our own rabbits on the farm. So now the hunt for a breeder was on again. We found another breeder that was not as close but still in the state so that was close enough for us! This breeder was located about 300 miles north of us but was willing to deliver for a small fee to within less than 100 miles. Perfect!

We were given the option between two males that she had remaining. We chose the one that she had named “Sven”. This was a very Minnesotan name and he was absolutely adorable so we were sold! Now we just had to wait until he was ready to join our family.

“Sven” This is the first picture we ever saw of Baby Walter.

It was about a month between the time that Little Dog passed and the time that we were able to bring Baby Walter home. Remington had been so depressed without his brother that it made me sad to even look at him. Thankfully, the day we brought Baby Walter home; Remington took to him right away. Remington’s attitude was immediately improved and it seemed like he smiled again. The two have been inseparable ever since!

Remington 10-years old
Remington the night we brought Baby Walter home.

We have been taking a picture of Baby Walter in the same location since the first week we got him. The picture below was taken two days after we brought Baby Walter home and we determined this to be our update location. The reason he is wearing a barrel collar is to perpetuate the myth about St Bernard’s rescuing people in the mountains. The myth is that the St Bernard’s would carry whiskey in the barrel to bring to the victims that they were rescuing to help them stay warm until human help could arrive.

Baby Walter has been on many adventures already in his 6 months with us and we can’t wait to share with you what the upcoming years have to offer. I will put links to any products that I use in my posts/videos so that if it is something that you think you or your dog might like, you can easily find where to buy it. Please interact with this blog as we love to hear about others adventures with their dogs. Life is short and dogs have even less time than most  humans, so let’s make the most of our lives with them!

The next few entries I do will be catching up on Baby Walters time with us so far. I will do 1 week of events with a weekly picture that includes his weight gain update for that week.

Please join us on our journey and share yours along the way!

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