Welcome To the home of CHITees

In a world rapidly filling up with Artificial Intelligence, CHITees is a throwback to what art should be “Creative Human Intelligence”. We are offering a unique design process that can be a great addition to your brand. Let us produce an awesome design based on your brand and any general feelings or descriptions you have for your brand. Then we will put that design on a high quality Upcycled T-shirt and send it off to you. Did I mention this shirt will be a one of a kind and marked with a hidden logo to verify the authenticity.

What could you use this for? A cool new shirt, a giveaway, a collector item……….. the possibilities are endless.

But wait…………. there’s more. We will list your design on our website for sale on a variety of high quality upcycled garments. T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve tees, polo shirts and more. Fans of yours can go pick your design, a garment type and color preference, then one of our designers will get to work cranking out a one of a kind item. YOU GET PAID for each one sold.

Want to give CHITees a try? Fill out the form for more info, pricing or get started on your design.