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You can help support The LOTS Project by checking out and purchasing items at these links. We get a small commission from all sales using our link and in some cases you get a discount price as well. Any questions be sure to reach out to



Use our link to  Amazon and then anything you purchase during the next 24hr we will get a small kickback on.  There is no additional cost to you so it is an easy way to support The LOTS Project.  We don’t see who bought what so your privacy should not be a concern.


Black Chicken Host

We use Black Chicken Host for our website hosting.  Yes I could find it cheaper, but the customer service and technical support I get with Black Chicken Host is worth it.   Check them out, they have plans to meet a wide variety of needs.

A great alternative to YouTube. is a video platform based on blockchain technology, and you can earn cryptocurrency by watching videos.  Tip your favorite creators directly with crypto.   Sign up at our link and we get a little extra bonus crypto.



A great alternative to Google.  PreSearch offers private web searches with no data collection and you earn cryptocurrency with every search.  Search results are as good as google and if not they link other search engines right from their page.  Extensions available to make PreSearch the default search engine for your browser of choice and also the address bar of the browser.  Give it a try from our link for 30 days and we get a little bonus crypto.



Looking to get into Cryptocurrency?  Coinbase is the first place we ever bought crypto. Quick and easy with decent support.  Watch videos for free Crypto.  Great site to use as an onramp to your crypto journey.   Sign up with our link and purchase your first $100 of crypto and we will both receive an extra $10.



CoinEx is the first exchange I started using when branching out with different types of Crypto.  If you are looking to try trading or just trying to obtain a coin not supported by the platform you are using check out CoinEx.  Sign up with our referral link and we will get a small kickback on your activity.




Polarity is a decentralized crypto exchange that prides itself on privacy.  Your own private wallet on a decentralized exchange is huge. If you are ready to take it up a notch on the privacy of your crypto trading check out Polarity.


Brave Botanicals

One of the biggest system of control is healthcare. Natural medicine has been effective for common issues that today we use expensive pills to mask the issues.  Check out Brave Botanicals for a selection of natural health products.  Even get a free oz of Kratom to try.  John Bush has done a great job building Brave Botanicals and the customer support is second to none. And the best part is you can pay in cryptocurrency. Check out their site today.   

Cubic Mini Woodstove

We have purchase and will be installing a Cubic Mini Woodstove in our travel trailer for the main heat source.  We have ordered and received the product but have not installed it at this time.   The customer service has been outstanding and the product seems to be well made.  From reviews I have seen and my interaction with the company so far I have to say it is defiantly worth looking into Cubic Mini Woodstove for small space wood heating.