Walter’s Recommended Products

Affiliate links listed below for some of Baby Walters favorite products. We are hoping to get more reviews added soon!

Barrel collar (small)- Purchase – Tiny Barrel CollarReview – Tiny Barrel Collar

Harness – Purchase – Paw Five HarnessPurchase – Name PatchesReview – Paw Five Harness

Dog Crate- Purchase – XXL dog cratePurchase – Crate divider /

Floor Vacuum – Purchase – Shark Navigator /

Pet Scale- Purchase – Platform pet scale /

Pool – Purchase – Pet pool / bath tub /

Jolly ball – Purchase – 8″ Jolly Ball with rope /

Hair Dryer – Purchase – Dog groomers hair dryer /

Life Vest- Purchase – Vivaglory life vest /

Treats- Purchase – Nudges Grillers /

Food – Purchase- Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food /

Hollow Ball – Purchase – Hollow Ball dog toy /

Review – Paw Five harness

There are so many options for harnesses now that I find it a little overwhelming to shop for them. All claim to have great “no-pull” features so how do you choose the best harness for

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Review- Tiny oak barrel collar

When we decided that we were going to get a St. Bernard, I thought it would be a cute idea to do a weekly update photo that portrayed the myth about St. Bernards wearing barrel

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